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A Day on Boomerang!

After years of visiting the island, we decided to take a day trip on the Boomerang! Can't say enough to describe what a great time we had :)

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Boomerang's unique custom design and powerful drivetrain allows it to cut through the waves and skim smoothly across the ocean. It's just the right size for a perfect day with your group and the crew is extremely professional, kind, fun, and absolutely top-notch.

They have everything you need for Paddle boarding, Snorkeling, and a giant lillypad.

Awesome boat, great food & drinks, and a perfect way to spend the day on the water. Snorkeling stops at Creole Rock, Pinel Island, Baie Longe, and Mullet Bay.

Ask us about special pricing for the day tour - our we can arrange a private charter for your group!


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